Radio: 101.6 Asian Star

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8 Comments on "Radio: 101.6 Asian Star"

  1. Vikas on Fri, 6th Nov 2009 8:31 am 

    What can i do play online radio on my mobile

  2. z-shan kazmi on Sat, 5th Dec 2009 3:59 am 

    hey this is a nice place to entertain myself in midnight while doing my online work..i dont need to download those all mp3 to my computer & then play them in shuffle mode…love it.less load on connection & better quality.Thanx

  3. GAURAV on Tue, 22nd Dec 2009 1:29 am 

    nice.. one.. great work ppL

  4. Alex on Sun, 7th Feb 2010 5:06 am 

    How to lisen in my n73

  5. shelvi novia rani on Sun, 12th May 2013 7:57 pm 

    I am from indonesia & I very like india music

  6. Aniket shirbhate on Sat, 18th May 2013 5:47 pm 

    This all types of songs hence i like this website than other website

  7. Khushboo lone on Mon, 27th May 2013 9:25 am 

    Itz awsm

  8. chamundray madhavacharya on Tue, 28th May 2013 11:17 am 

    i like bombay beats